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muwaahahaha - I can't make myself heard no matter how hard I scream

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December 13th, 2003

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03:37 am - muwaahahaha
it only took me abiht twbnety fiver times to get hti sfuckgn journal updeye. i ak sill drunk and it is so weirdc cause i don't toally know it all make sens in y head,w ord son if i shoidkmirde don't die y nogga budtbbyukets in the skty miy jueesbsa if i8 am gone no mioore my nisggas juist keeop get u it o my niggsas say word ti sean my nigdsgas. wjhast is gougn on eve though i partially do.. bit me.. i cried to nickiy and i miss the kove of my lfie.

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Date:December 13th, 2003 04:32 am (UTC)
dear sweet child....never type while under the influence....granted it's a mystery as to what u wrote, it's almost like code. pucker up butter cup, i love you!!! ps, im gonna want details when u wake up, biatch

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